Costs and Pricing for Rustproofing

Prices include some surface prep of the vehicle if needed (cleaning/scale removal).
Heavy deposits of mud / snow and scale may be cleaned by our facility and there will be a fee applied. We may refuse dirty vehicles due to time constraints. You will be able to reschedule at a later date when it’s cleaned up a bit.
We treat the entire underside of the vehicle. Including inside frame rails, rocker panels, cab corners, inside tailgates, hoods,inside of all doors, truck bed layers, brake line and fuel line areas along frame rails, gas filler tubes, above gas tanks,all wheel wells, quarter panels and fenders.
We even protect battery terminals, door latches and hinges.
We recommend annual re-application to exposed areas that will see water and road-wash.
Cavities such as rockers, cab corners and door areas should remain protected for years.
Re-application the second year is half price of your first receipt. Keep your receipt!

As of 6/14/2021 we NO LONGER accept CASH. ALL major cards, personal and business checks accepted. NO FEES.
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Prices below are general size pricing of private vehicles and are used as a guide.

Prices effective 1/1/2021.

Muddy and Dirty vehicles will be charged extra for materials.

Contact us for commercial/fleet pricing.

Please remove spare tire if stored underneath.

Vehicle Type Price  
Compact/Mid Cars 2 and 4 door $229.99  
FULL Size Sedans $279.99  
Mini Trucks/S10/Ranger etc. (Please remove spare) $259.99  
SUVs/Minivans/Tahoe (Please remove spare) $289.99  
1/2 ton Pickup Truck (Please remove spare) $299.99  
HD 3/4 ton Pickup Trucks (Please remove spare) $339.99  
Suburban/Escalade/H2 and H3 (Please remove spare) $339.99  
Flatbed/ Utility 1500 Trucks CALL  
Flatbed / Utility 2500 and larger CALL  
Utility Trailers. Car haulers $14.95 per linear foot  
Heavy trucks/ RVs $14.95 per linear foot  

While we spray on our coatings with industrial equipment and applicators, we also sell cans of WoolWax for those that would like to do touch-ups or need our product for home use.


WoolWax spray can w/ straw

$19.99 each or 3@14.99 each